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3 Tips For Finding The Right Church As You Build Your Faith

by Maurice Frazier

If you're a person of faith, finding a church home is one of the most foundational parts of your journey that you need to have planned out. For many people, this is not only the home that feeds you spiritually but also serves as the foundation of your social circle and the people that you choose to raise your family around. When you'd like to find the right church and strengthen your faith, read on. 

#1: Do some self-reflection on what you believe and what answers you're seeking

You need to think of faith as a lifelong walk, rather than a quick fix that answers all of your problems. It's also important that you figure out where you stand philosophically when choosing a church that you're looking to join. For instance, if you're trying to dip your toe into the water to learn more about God, you may be opposed to going to a church that is traditionally hellfire and brimstone, or rigid in welcoming new members. Drop in for a service to hear Sunday's message and learn more about the pastor. Some pastors take a more symbolic approach to the Bible, while others are more traditional. Do your research into local churches and find out where your friends and family attend. 

#2: Make your faith a regular fixture in your life

You'll need to build your faith step by step so that you can put it into action and not just theory. By adding Sunday services to your weekly schedule, it can become a practice in your life. Be sure that you prepare your clothes and belongings the night before, as getting up early on a Sunday, knowing you have work on Monday, can be a bit of a chore — particularly if you didn't grow up going to church. Make sure that you get your kids ready as well, and prepare to receive and share energy, rather than just be a spectator during the service. You should also take time out of your week to study the Bible, in order to grow your faith and use it in your life. 

#3: Give your time and effort to the church

It's one thing to simply attend church, and another entirely to become a member of your church community. Volunteer your time whenever you can, whether that means becoming an usher or helping to clean up at the church picnic. When you volunteer, the feeling of service can help strengthen your faith and will add to your fulfillment. 

These three tips will help you find the right Christian church, or other religious congregation, as you build your faith.