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Socially Responsible Youth Conference Ideas to Use During the Pandemic

by Maurice Frazier

Many youth group leaders look to create activities to help young people build a strong community with their peers, become responsible people, and develop empathy toward others.  If the global pandemic is limiting the social activities that you and your fellow leaders can prepare for pre-teen and teen members, use some creative ways to set up future youth conferences.

Host an Intimate Meal

Sitting around a virtual dining room table and sharing food creations is a great way to bond and give thanks. To orchestrate a meal that will end with some teachings from the Bible, choose a video platform that you are comfortable using for streaming purposes.

All of your youth members will need to have access to the internet and must have a device that they can use during the meal. Check with each youth group member, to determine if they have the materials needed to participate in the meal. Encourage the adolescents to create one of their favorite dishes or to aid their parents in prepping a family recipe.

During the meal, allow each group member to describe what they are going to be eating. Recite a prayer, before instructing everyone to begin enjoying the meal. Pre-plan some topics that will be introduced during the conference. Begin asking some topic-related questions while everyone is finishing up their meals and allow plenty of response time and feedback from those who participate.

Form Small Groups and Alternate Activities

Keep everyone interested in current events or Bible passages that you and your fellow group leaders consider important, by formulating smaller groups of youth members and alternating the group activities that are being offered.

Cleaning up the community, giving back to others through an act of kindness, or orchestrating a drive-through car wash are some of the activities that can be introduced during a youth conference. Instead of meeting in a confined space within the church, have each small group meet outdoors or in a screen enclosure or another setup that is well-ventilated and that will not pose much of a threat of spreading germs to one another.

Break the list of youth members into small groups and assign one leader to each group. Choose to participate in many activities that can be completed outdoors. Begin and end each conference with some information about the activity that is being offered and the meaning behind choosing it as a topic of focus.