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Spiritual Wellness: How Counseling Can Help You Stay Spiritually Fit

by Maurice Frazier

Preventative care is something you may hear your doctor talk about when you go for your physical each year because taking steps to protect your physical health can prevent future problems. The same is true for your spiritual health. Scheduling regular checkups with a spiritual counselor can keep your spiritual health strong and prevent you from growing spiritually stagnant.

Learn your purpose

Do you feel generally good about your life but often wonder what your purpose is for being here on this earth? Every person is different and nobody else has your unique personality, skills, and lifestyle. A spiritual counselor can help you uncover your purpose by working with you to determine how to put your unique gifts and talents to work in your social life and at your place of worship.

Obtain guidance for life decisions

When it comes to making small or large decisions, being spiritually led can make a difference. Running your ideas by your spiritual counselor can help you make informed decisions whether you are seeking a new job, starting a relationship, or want to start a family. You will feel confident knowing you discussed the issue with your counselor prior to making a decision.

Know the importance of helping others

Your spiritual counselor can help you find ways to serve the people around you in a healthy manner. Serving others has always been an important part of spiritual life but sometimes it can be difficult to know how to serve others well and still have enough time to care for your own needs. Your spiritual counselor will help you find a healthy balance between meeting your needs and serving others.

Help you live a moral life

In a world where immorality seems to rule at times, discussing the importance of moral values with a spiritual counselor can be helpful for keeping you on the right track. You will learn how to avoid pressure from others and how to stand firm in your faith so that you can be an example for the people around you. Having a spiritual counselor means you always have someone to turn to when temptations arise before you act on them.

For people of faith, wellness consists of more than just physical health. Being spiritually fit is not only good for your soul health but may even be the foundation for all aspects of your health. If you are spiritually well, you are more likely to have a better attitude about life in general and feel happy and content, which is good for your body, mind, and spirit. 

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