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Growing Together: How To Lead Your Small Group To Be Seekers Of Christ

by Maurice Frazier

If you are a Christian leader of a small group at your church or in your home, you want to do your best to help the members of your small group grow in their faith. One of the key components of a growing faith is to learn how to become a Christ seeker and truly get to know Christ on an intimate level. There are several ways you can help your members become Christ seekers.

Keep your group Christ-centered

One of the downfalls of Christian small groups is they may look much the same as a secular small group if you are not careful. While fellowship and recreational activities can be a part of any small group, it is best to center your group around learning the Bible and following Christ's teachings. Develop a mission statement for your small group and keep Christ at the center before you pursue other activities.

Do a Bible study

Participating in a structured Bible study with your group is the best way to learn and grow together in your faith and to become diligent about seeking Christ. Choose a study that is relevant to all of your group members so nobody feels left out. For instance, if you lead a group of single moms, choose a study they can relate to, such as a study of the women in the Bible who overcame life's challenges.

Share testimonies of Christ seekers

There is nothing like the testimonies of others who sought after Christ to inspire your group members. Invite people who have a powerful testimony to share to come to your group and speak once a month. Have them share how their life changed once they got to know Christ better and the steps they took to develop a close relationship with him.

Be an example of a Christ seeker

One of the most important things you can do for your group is to lead by example. Do you have a consistent time of Bible reading and prayer each day? Are you living out your faith boldly so your group can see your personal relationship with Christ?

With all the uncertainty in the world today, Christians need more than ever to learn what it means to seek and follow Christ. Seeking Christ can be a life-changing experience for those who are willing to pursue him. As a small group leader, you can encourage and help your members choose daily disciplines that will turn them into Christ seekers.

For more information on how to be seekers of Christ, contact a professional near you.